Creative Cupcaking

September 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

Now let’s celebrate the talent and ingenuity of some other bakers in an area that I have always struggled with: cupcakes! The cupcake is no longer just a “cookie-cutter” (pardon my pun) dessert with only one way to make it. People are getting crazy and creative with the recipes they are coming up with. Although I am partial to my grandmother’s cupcakes (a personalized version of Jiffy devil’s food cake and homemade chocolate frosting), I have been blown away by what others have concocted.

After spending over a year in Nashville, I finally made the trip to Gigi’s Cupcakes this past Saturday. I had heard about it numerous times and decided it was time to go. I am a chocolate lover through and through, so I was determined to get a traditional chocolate-on-chocolate cupcake. No exceptions. I underestimated Gigi’s; the only thing I love as much as chocolate is bacon. So what do I see in the middle of the cupcake display? A Canadian Maple cupcake with bacon baked into the cake and bacon bits sprinkled on top of the maple frosting. Heaven. It was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted. Some of the other inventive flavors were Hot Chocolate, Birthday Surprise and Champagne.

A large portion of my baking inspirations come from Pinterest, a website for anyone to post or “re-pin” recipes and creations. I urge any of you adventurous or curious bakers to check out the Food & Drink page for some awesome ideas. I’ve come across an Ande’s Mint Cupcake originally from Your Cup of Cake, a Mocha Cupcake with espresso icing from Brown Eyed Baker and a S’more Cupcake from Simply Pix. There are tons of other recipes I can’t wait to try!

What cupcake inventions have you tried or come up with yourself?


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§ 4 Responses to Creative Cupcaking

  • bnwelch says:

    First of all, that sounds disgusting yet awesome, the bacon cupcakes that is, and I want to go to Gigi’s and try these amazing cupcakes! I am pretty biased against baking so I’m going to judge pretty hard because my best friend worked at a bakery for three years, and they make some pretty amazing cupcakes! I do love all the different experiments with cupcakes and cakes though, so I will give it a shot and maybe try to make some of my own. (I’m learning)

  • Those Canadian Maple cupcakes look to die for! I’ll definitely have to go to Gigi’s and try one! I have an obsession with cookie dough, so my favorite cupcake I’ve tried is a cookie dough cupcake! There is ram cookie dough in the bottom of a yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting! You should definitely try making these and brnging them to class!

  • Erika Thornsberry says:

    Cooking is one thing I just can’t do. I have tryed over and over agian and just can’t get the hang of it. So anyone that can cook something like this I admire their talents.

  • […] and throughout the seasons, it interchanges a few original flavors of yogurt. Like I said about cupcakes, I’m a chocolate lover to the core, so every time I go to Sweet Cece’s I’m […]

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